Democracy is a like a muscle; in order to keep it fit, it has to be trained regularly, not just running round on the day of elections. But that is exactly what is happening. That is why, libertarian politics is called electionised, not democratized. The irony is that the voters or citizens are supposed to be sovereign and custodians of democracy, but they flex their muscles only on the day of elections. The right and opportunity to vote once in every five years is what the voters have got, and until the next elections they are helpless bystanders in the political or governance process. Hence they feel let down, become cynical and take to unlawful actions to vent their frustration and alienation. The ruling elite begin to worry and try to pacify them, dance around them during elections, and thus the cycle of alienation-allurement-alienation continues. There is another cycle of voters’ alienation, the cycle which feeds on itself. The more the voters withdraw from public participation excepting voting, the more leaders/their representatives ignore them: the more irresponsible and untrustworthy the leaders become, the voters withdraw in anger and helplessness.

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Old politics v/s new politics
Old politics – corruption, sectarianism & congressism – individualism & dynasty
New politics – new ideas, collective leadership, young voters

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